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Company Overview

PT. TIGA SAMUDERA ADIPERKASA or known by 3SA is a company established since 2014 is engaged in trade in goods and services of retail products. Since 2015, 3SA has become one of the Preferred Dealer / Authorized Reseller EPSON products and services in Indonesia. Along with the continuously growing need for EPSON products and services as well as to get closer to the users of products and services EPSON, 3SA has been preparing to open several branches in Indonesia, among them are on the island of Bangka, Belitung Island, and some branches in regions DKI Jakarta, Banten and West Java.

3SA commitment to always be a follower and implementers of the plan Business EPSON today and in the future, 3SA has prepared Standard Infrastructure & Management System (SIMS) that makes it easy for both customers and employees 3SA the interaction deploying, updating information, frequently asked questions , give feedback to each service or transaction at all locations 3SA. 3SA believe that good communication and effective would be a positive impact for 3SA and EPSON customers

Besides SIMS, 3SA also apply the Health Safety Environment (HSE), which is one of commitment 3SA that 3SA will implement the "ZERO ACCIDENT" to all staff and management levels 3SA in performing work activities. SIMS & HSE is cored value for 3SA to serve customers with full integrity and commitment against the best service.

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